Applying and Removing Decals

Tools Needed:

  • Small single-edge razor blade scraper
  • Ammonia-Free Windex

Removing the Decals

1. Slowly slide the blade under the edges and chip away at the adhesive to separate the decal from the glass. Hold the blade as parallel as possible to the indow to minimize the risk of damaging the glass. Note: always push blade away from you to avoid injury. Once you have the edge lifted, you’ll have a better ability to peel the decal off. Older decals will be more likely to split into little bits and are generally more difficult to remove.

2. Spray Windex on the glass and use the blade to remove any adhesive residue. (An alternative would be a citrus-based cleaner.) After applying the chemicals to the residue, wait a few minutes and then try to wipe away the adhesive with a clean rag or paper towel.

Applying the Decals

When applying the decals, refer to specification ANSI 156.10/19.

1. Make sure the surface of the glass is clean of debris. Line up the decal, then press from one end and use a plastic blade to work out any bubbles.

2. Use the Windex to clean off any fingerprints.

AdminApplying and Removing Decals